Award winning artist Gabriel became a ceramic artist after discovering his love of making things in his dad’s garage when he was young. With 12 years as a dedicated potter behind him, Gabriel’s passion for creating functional artwork has drawn him much attention and a following of loyal collectors. 


“It’s unlimited, that’s what I like about it, you can keep on going deeper and deeper with it.”


Gabriel’s involvement with the wheel is driven by the tactility of the craft, the way it responds infinitely to every movement he makes and is different every time. His ceramic art pieces are all unique. It is clear is to see the evolution of Gabriel’s style over time, which creates a very personal touch to the pieces he sells. They each mark a temporal moment that will never be replicated, for both Gabriel and the new owner. Each piece is an act of kindness shared between Gabriel and his clientele, who enjoy coming back to grab another piece of that timeline. Fans of his work soon become friends and vice versa.


Quality, originality, and functionality are very important to his work. Gabriel is inspired by the idea of how people will be using his work – how it fits in your hand, how it sits on the table, the weight of it, how it moves when you use it.


Aside from the awards he has won at art festivals, Gabriel is proud of his Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Central Florida. One aspect of his work that makes it different from other ceramic artists is the glaze research he does. Gabriel handcrafts the way each piece will come out, mixing his own custom glazes rather than buying commercial ones. 


The enjoyment Gabriel finds in sitting at his wheel making something with his hands has fuelled a 12-year commitment to his artwork that will, no doubt continue in evermore unique and interesting directions.